Why Us

We believe in the power of leaders to change the world. We live in a interconnected system where our every act has ramifications. Changing in the midst of complexity requires that we transform ourselves and our organizations. We need to think and act with more flexibility and with awareness of the impact we have on all the realms we touch. We need to be careful about believing everything we think because our view of reality is biased. It only tells part of the story. We have worked in these systems for over 35 years, continually learning and transforming others, and ourselves. Self-transformation is no picnic; it is hard work, but crucial to our future existence. Old thinking gets old results. Nothing changes. We see ourselves as partners on the path of transformation. We partner with leaders in the transformation of their organizations by coaching individuals and teams, acting as trusted advisers, doing trainings that stick, facilitating critical meetings, and healing wounded systems.

We think you will find us:

  • Responsive - We meet you where you are. We don’t have a standard program we try to plug you into. We try to fit ourselves into your ongoing initiatives.
  • Appreciative - We focus on helping you identify your strengths and resources for change.
  • Listening intelligently - We listen at multiple levels for insight and action - our signature skill.
  • Curious questioning - We are chronically curious about people and how humans do and don’t work. We don’t believe there are any dumb questions. We ask hard questions nicely.
  • Creative/Innovative - We are imaginative and systematically practice continuous improvement.
  • Playful - We believe that adults learn best when they are able to laugh at themselves and have fun.
  • Making mistakes and taking smart risks - We seek to teach this to others. Failure is only feedback! Mistakes are only an opportunity to learn.
  • Experienced - We have both been doing this work for more than 35 years.
  • Courageously kind - We hold you in respectful compassion as we tell you our truth.
  • Walk our talk - We practice what we preach and we are human. Like you, we slip into old, unresourceful habits, the trick is to get back on track as soon as possible!
  • Trustworthy - What you tell us stays with us!

Our Partners

We work in partnership with several firms where mutual trust has led to interdependence on larger projects or for specific challenges beyond our competence. This partnership commitment mirrors our commitment to collaboration as a strategy for growth and demonstrates how to both compete and collaborate. If you have a large project or specialized needs and want a wider range of talent we can help. Through our partnerships we can scale to most challenges. Please use the links to our partner’s websites below to learn a little more about them and about us through association.

Dudley Hamilton (DHA) is a global management consulting firm located in Metropolitan New York that designs and delivers tailored approaches to business challenges. They are the firm to go to for innovative solutions to successfully manage change, improve employee and organizational performance and develop strong leaders even in the toughest times.

Productivity Leadership Systems LLC (PLS) offers an array of products and services to affect both individual and organizational transformation in Central New York. Their comprehensive offerings extend from executive coaching to leadership training and corporate retreats to motivational speaking. The breadth of their experience allows them to create customized services for organizations, whether they are corporate, non-profit, academic or government.

New & Improved©, (LLC) (N&I), is a global organizational development firm that focuses on the people skills organizations need to create growth through innovation. They develop groups of individuals who excel at creative thinking and working productively together.

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