Executive Leadership Coaching

We provide one-to-one interactions with an executive coach to accelerate your professional growth, enhance your performance, and bring about sustained behavioral change. The research says that coaching is the most effective single intervention for creating organizational change. Together we will develop a plan to leverage your strengths and address areas in need of change and growth. We support your mindfulness of the mental models that drive your behavior. We provide specific practices to build your capacity for awareness and behavior change. When all is said and done we compassionately and rigorously help you in achieving your desired outcomes.

Whole Systems Change Approach to Organizational Change

We offer a series of reinforcing interventions: individual leadership coaching, real-time team training as part of leadership team meetings, targeted training workshops and seasonal all-staff change events. Our experience tells us that one-dimensional change initiatives - planning, training or coaching - have limited success in creating sustained organizational change. Employees participating in these “one offs” express the common criticisms of such initiatives, including a lack of connection to the real work of the office, lack of buy-in from key influentials and limited follow-through and sustainability. They become cynical about change initiatives, and they regard them as the “flavor of the month.” This cynicism leads to growing resistance to any change initiative, so we directly involve key leaders over a sustained period of time to achieve substantial change and apply the right combination of reinforcing interventions to show employees the company is serious about change and to overcome this accumulated resistance.

Training That Sticks

We design and execute habit-forming behavioral change processes with a combination of training sessions and with after-training support through coaching and action learning groups. We train your people to do the coaching and the action inquiry themselves. Imagine a double hit of skill development and organizational development. You end up with people who are acting differently because you have developed a coaching climate and a learning ethic. This combination is a huge competitive advantage in the accelerating change of our era.

Meeting Facilitation

You can make effective use of your precious meeting time by using a skilled facilitator. Bad meetings cause many folks to view teamwork as a burdensome, foolish waste of their time. Building clear agendas with mutual expectations are critical ingredients for successful meetings. We are experienced meeting facilitators who know how to keep a group on track and on time when that’s the appropriate direction for your team, and to allow a group to wander and explore new possibilities for a more divergent path when that is called for.

Strategic Planning

We work with leaders and key stakeholders in your organization to create a shared vision of your desired future and developing those strategies needed to make that vision a reality. We don’t stop there; we assist you in creating an accountability system that provides adequate reinforcement and feedback to stay on track. Strategic planning is a living, breathing process. We design the entire process tailored to the specific organization’s culture and real situation. We measure our success by criteria such as flexibility and usefulness for the ongoing operations of the organization. In the end we are only successful if you execute your plan. We are not interested in generating slick documents that just gather dust on a bookshelf.

Developing Extraordinary Innovation Teams

In today’s work world, innovation has become a team sport. There is a growing body of research on the science and art of developing extraordinary teams - teams that develop surprising results repeatedly in the context of today’s complex ever-changing political, economic, social, technological and physical climate. Members of these teams successfully develop deep trust and engage in continuous learning to make use of one another’s competencies and different styles of communicating, learning and thinking. We are seeing in successful team evaluations that there is a shift in the mindset, skill set and toolset of all members overtime. The teams we work with transform dramatically through the deliberate use of creative processes, with just enough structure and conversations for action and ownership.



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