Organizational Results

We are passionate about results. We continually ask our clients if they are getting what they expected and how those results are impacting their business, their lives and their contribution to the wider world. Results are more than personal, they are organizational and through organizations - cultural. Here are only a few organizational results of which we are very proud.
  • 80% improvement in customer service for a fortune 500 company team in one year.
  • Trained over 1400 high potential leaders over 18 years in basic change management skills, and influence for a Fortune 500 company.
  • Supported leaders as they grew their business from 70 million to 500 million dollars.
  • Part of the team that produced a company voted among the 100 best companies to work for in 2011.
  • Facilitated a community engagement strategy that generated income for a public radio and television station.
  • Saved two companies from dissolution from internal conflicts.
  • Redesign of an IT service organization to scale for global growth.
  • Helped several leaders with career success and more balanced lives.
  • Noteworthy improvements in both communications and innovation as a result of training for the workforce in a small entrepreneurial alternative energy company.
  • Saved tax payers several million dollars in welfare reform.
  • Strategic plans developed based on significant participation by key stakeholders for several large and small not-for-profits organizations.
  • Comprehensive faculty, staff and trustee engagement process that resulted in a transition plan for a university moving from a classic old building to a new purpose-designed building.
  • Two different large government agencies achieved clarity of direction and priorities and improved leadership capacity as a result of off-site change events. These events supported open communications and built trust, and the capacity to measure results.
  • Transition plan for a state agency in preparation for change in administration. Forty (40) interviews with key internal and external leaders in the field and summary of recommendations set stage for seamless transition and continuity of services.
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