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Newell Eaton

Newell Eaton

I believe that developing effective leaders is the key to transforming the world. Innovative leaders are determining our future. Their work is directing and creating great teams and organizations. I believe we can create a world our grandchildren’s grandchildren will thrive in through the extraordinary power of committed people working together on a common vision.

I enjoy assisting leaders like you to flourish in these complex, uncertain times. I will help you make the changes you seek in yourself and help you develop astonishing teams and organizations. I was fortunate to both lead and be part of many extraordinary teams and to serve as a strategic thought partner and coach to many senior leaders during my 35 years working in organizations as a leader, entrepreneur and creative change agent. I discovered that while cultures, sectors and situations may vary the obstacles to effective leadership and teams and the actions that produce success are universal.

I act on my commitment to change the world by coaching leaders and teams to greatness.

Since I launched my private practice in 2004 I’ve had the privilege of individually coaching over 60 leaders, assisting them to achieve their aspirations and address their complex challenges. These leaders and teams are coming from fields as diverse as computer gaming, bio-tech, alternative energy, venture capital, pharmaceuticals, global HR, electronics, artificial intelligence, IT, architecture, real estate and executive search as well as from a wide mix of not-for-profit, educational and government organizations.

As a leader, if you have aspirations not yet achieved or complex challenges waiting to be addressed, please contact us.

Hope Langer, MS, CPCC, MCC

Hope Langner, MS, CPCC, MCC

I am committed to excellence and to people performing at their very best to make a difference in our world. My work is about inviting you to think differently and challenge the status quo. My strength is in shining light on the connections between things that may not make sense on the surface, seem unrelated, or from far afield. These ways of working may lead to a shake up of your existing attachments, beliefs, and practices, allowing you to create new ones that serve you more fully.

I believe that inner alignment is the path to personal, organizational, and cultural change. My work with leaders is focused on moving closer and closer to living your life in a way that is true to yourself. This ripples out to every person and every organization that you touch.

Living your life in alignment with your true self leads to a life of deeper satisfaction, to more productivity and joy at work, at home, and in all of the places in your life that matter to you.

My work is influenced by my training and experience as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and Master Certified Coach. I was trained at CTI (Coaches Training Institute), the largest coach training school in the world, and have been responsible for training CTI’s global certification supervision and assessment faculty since 2000.

Along with three colleagues, I received the International Coach Federation President’s Award in 2013, in recognition of outstanding work to promote coaching in a humanitarian capacity.

I am a seasoned trainer, manager and master coach, working with clients in the United States and globally, including Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, England, Fiji, France, Israel, Korea, Norway, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. I’m eager to focus more of my work on my community here in Albany.

In addition to my private coaching and leadership development work, I lead workshops and retreats for individuals and organizations, and I offer customized workshop and program design, coaching, and mentoring to business leaders and professionals who want to experience coaching or incorporate it into their leadership repertoire.

Through my work as a founding partner of BeautyWay Learning, I create and offer retreats and teleclasses open to people who want to reconnect to themselves and the natural world in these chaotic times.

Winifred DeLoayza Ed.D.

Winifred DeLoayza Ed.D.

My life’s work is helping leaders create dynamic organizations and communities. I do this because each leader impacts the lives of hundreds and maybe thousands of people -- economically, socially, spiritually and environmentally. Leaders make our world. This transformational work can only be done as leaders grow beyond their” potential” and then grow some more. So many times we have beliefs and practices that keep us bound in a narrow set of possibilities. We get caught in our routines and “truths” and never reach a stage of alchemy for our enterprises. Could Warren Buffet have moved from being a technocrat to the leading investor and philanthropist without seeing the broader implications of his talents? Would the Civil Rights Movement have progressed without Martin Luther King’s dream? These dreams could have been “raisins in the sun” without the actions to drive change.

I want to help people to dream about their possibilities and help them to do the hard work of making those dreams realities.

I will engage with you lovingly and deeply in challenging conversation to help you reach the next level of performance. Together we might challenge your very identity. I will help you have the difficult conversations with yourself, your boss, your staff -- that you need to have about transforming hopes into reality.

I serve in a variety of environments and industries including manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals, electronic games, research and development, government and adult education. I have focused on senior leaders and executive teams. I have experience in China, India, Taiwan, England, Germany, Spain and Greece. And, I was awarded a Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Doctorate in Educational Policies, Programs and Institutions from the State University of New York at Albany. My specialty was Adult Education. My coaching certification is through New Ventures West.

I take pleasure in supporting leaders, groups and entire organizations as they transform to their greatness.

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