Why do some people who are really smart get stuck as leaders? They try to do it alone.

It is not magic - they need the help of a great coach!

We have coached hundreds of people to the next step in their careers. Companies see coaching as an investment in preparing people for promotion and or high performance in their current role. Leadership coaching keeps high potentials motivated and growing in the transitions inherent in the promotional process. For example, we coached a very successful litigator, who was expert in getting "I got you" answers to her questions. Today she is a team player who helps the team find possibilities. Ethical and creative, she is an Executive Vice President of a Fortune 500 company. How about the former administrative assistant who is writing her own job description as a Manager of Learning Shared Services & Technologies? Maybe the CEO who went from leading a small games production house to a key player in a major games company. It’s all in the awareness and thinking- as Marshall Goldsmith said "What got you here won't get you there!" We can help you and your team get to the next level!  Leadership development and succession planning are essential for business success in this rapidly changing world.



Why do some businesses fail
in their transformation
from a start up to a
scalable business?

The surprising thing
is that some make it on their own!
The wise ones get help to
change their thinking.



One of our long term clients was acquired by a large game company and was transformed from an 80 person shop that did it all, to a studio of 250 within a corporate decision making structure. They faced two challenges:

  • How to comply with the culture of the mother ship and the loss of autonomy and how to keep sufficient independence to keep the creativity and entrepreneurial impulse intact.
  • How to develop a management team that could function collaboratively in a matrixed organization and think beyond the technical aspects of the function considering the needs of the whole organization and the mother ship?
We worked with the senior leaders on their own transformation from technical leaders to executives and we worked with the senior team to develop their leadership from producers to intelligent risk takers through individual coaching. We also engaged the second and third tier of leaders with training designed with group coaching to make it stick. Finally, we facilitated a strategic planning process based on the work of Jim Collin’s research in "Good to Great". We have helped the constantly transforming company make their transitions artfully, compassionately, and successfully with little collateral damage. If your company is undergoing rapid and complex change we have the tools and experience to help you make the rapid transitions.

What's the difference between training and training that sticks?

Most likely you’re wasting your money if you have not designed training with on-the-job application using designs and organizational development experts like us.

Hiring the right people is only the beginning. Getting them on the bus takes work. Getting a common language and expectations with common ingrained habits is the answer to a top team. We can do this for you too! We are currently working with a company that is willing to invest in an integrated sticky training process because it needed to step up its team to AAA cadre to remain top tier.

Is your team really innovative?

If you think so, you’re most likely blinded by your success. We can help you develop processes that open your eye to possibilities beyond your current thinking.

Innovation is the new buzzword. Every time we look at a major corporation's mission or values statement, innovation is in the text. How many organizations are actually engaged in strategies to develop their people to innovate? How many of us even think we need to develop these skills? We are learning impaired by our success. To navigate the rate of change you need to be willing to enter the discomfort of real change. Actually, you don’t really have a choice. If your enterprise doesn’t innovate it will perish. Of the top 100 companies in America in 1910 only 4 are still alive today.

Do you have an executive team that is stifled by conflicts and mistrust?

Some of our clients did too. Working with us they built trust and forged agreements that worked!

Recently we’ve worked with two partnerships that were about to break apart because of feelings that their individual contributions were undervalued, or the distribution of work was out of balance. In one case, the partners were able to renegotiate their responsibilities and compensation in a way that valued both generational and talent differences. In the other case, we set up a structure to conduct business that realigned responsibilities and compensation and reduced daily conflicts while the organization sought a buyer. In both cases, the personal conflicts were severe and participants needed coaching in communication, recognition of different points of view, values and the capacity for the actors to contribute. These were competitive people who needed to learn to keep their eyes on the prize and not settle scores. Does this sound like your team? If it does, we can help. We are expert in team dynamics and team development.

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